Geriatric Care Management

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What is Geriatric Place & Care Management?

Here at Medical House Calls with Compassion we have expanded on the idea of 'Geriatric Care Management' and have included 'Place' management as well. We want to offer seniors, their families and caregivers, access to professionals who can help guide them through the process of deciding how best to care for them. This includes exploration of at home care options as well as assisted living or long term care facility placement:

  • Thoughtful & Compassionate Determination of Need of Required Care & Services

  • Optimization of Health & Quality of Life

  • Implementation & Initiation of In-Home Care Services

  • Medication Management, Pill Box Setup & Weekly Skin Checks

  • Completion of Patient Review Instrument (PRI) Paperwork for Skilled Nursing Facility Placement

  • Reliable Assessment of Fit for Assisted Living Facilities Including Factors such as Age, Cost, Social Benefit & Health Status


Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to balance the needs of senior patients & their wishes. We rely on our over 100 years of combined experience in the field of geriatrics, nursing and social work to assist families in arranging the perfect total care solution.

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