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Dementia - Diagnosis, Needs Assessment, and Support

Dementia is a prevalent issue that a proportion of our elderly community is forced to face. We have seen families and their loved ones struggle with how to address it for the last 30 years. Even with the ongoing research surrounding dementia, we have seen its prevalence continue to rise.

It is often difficult to decide how to best care for loved ones suffering from dementia – how are you to know the best plan of care for them? Making these decisions can often feel isolating, with different family members wanting to pursue alternative paths. Medical House Calls With Compassion have helped an overwhelming number of families navigate this difficult journey. We understand each patient differs and can evaluate and grade their level of dementia through our screenings. After understanding your loved one’s current status, we will help you navigate the next steps and develop a plan.

Sometimes it is just one of the children that take the responsibility to care for the parent or it’s a spouse that’s making the decisions. This can become an isolating journey. We often hear, “My sister wants dad in a nursing home but I don’t,” or, “My dad is behaving aggressively towards the aides.” What should you do in these


Medical House Calls With Compassion can help you navigate the system. It’s a road we have traveled many times with families. We will support you in decision-making for your loved one and offer resources to aid you in understanding the process.

The 36-Hour Day by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins can provide insight into how to respond to your parent when they repeatedly ask the same question in a short period. We continuously recommend this book to families caring for individuals living with dementia.

Should your parent be in an assisted living facility? Is it safe for my mother to drive? Did your parent complete a free MOLST? Did they make a living will? What can your parent do on their own safely and what tasks do they require assistance with? Did they want a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order? A vast majority of patients who believe they have a DNR order do not have what they think they have! These are just some of the questions that we have heard from families.

Medical House Calls with Compassion can help you understand what your loved one is going through and answer your questions. We are here to guide and support you and your family on this difficult journey. We have started our comprehensive cognitive evaluations to provide insight into everything you need to know about memory impairment.

Reach out and call (516) 589-7700 for more information and to schedule an assessment for your loved one.


Medical House Calls With Compassion is an organization of healthcare providers focused on providing in-house care for patients that cannot leave their homes. We bring the office to you in the belief that every individual deserves proper care and respect.

We treat patients between the ages of 18 and 114 years. Specializing in chronic conditions, we also focus on preventative care! We care for patients with dementia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung diseases, obesity, infections, and much more.

Learn more about us here.

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