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Occupational Therapy & Dementia

Our guest, Jill Smith, discusses how Occupational Therapists can help those living at home with Dementia in this blog post.

I work specifically in patients' homes, providing skilled intervention to the homebound population who are physically unable to leave their homes for therapy in an outpatient setting. Many of the patients that I treat have dementia and benefit greatly from my services.

Occupational therapists are trained experts in activity analysis and approach dementia as a condition that affects occupational performance. We work with patients, family members, and Home Health Aides to address the functional implications of dementia including decreased overall independence, decreased safety and increased fall risks within the home. A patient with dementia can demonstrate improved function through adaptation or compensation. Compensatory strategies are often used to encourage improved overall independence and safety in the home. Occupational therapists can intervene as direct care providers or as a consultant to those caring for the patient.

As a clinician working with this population, it is always a goal to keep the patient living at home independently or with minimal supervision for as long as possible. Fall prevention strategies and home modifications are often used to assist in this process. In addition, therapeutic exercises are often recommended to improve independence with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and increase the patient's functional performance. ADLs include tasks like dressing, eating and bathing.

About the Author

Jill Smith is an Occupational Therapist in Nassau County.


Medical House Calls With Compassion is an organization of healthcare providers focused on providing in-house care for patients that cannot leave their homes. We bring the office to you in the belief that every individual deserves proper care and respect.

We treat patients between the ages of 18 and 114 years. Specializing in chronic conditions, we also focus on preventative care! We care for patients with dementia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung diseases, obesity, infections, and much more.

Learn more about us here.

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