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Time Is Only On Our Side For So Long

Our guest, Chris Mugno discusses loss and a lifesaver in this blog post.

Six years ago, I lost my grandmother to the unpredictable disease of Dementia and Heart Failure. I felt as if my world had ended and there was nothing I could’ve done to contain or prevent it.

Shortly after, I made the move from a former career into the world of Home Health Care, and it was the best decision I have made thus far in my life. Memories and experiences are always the motive for moving forward and I was looking for something more rewarding in the aspects of seeing results versus seeing the unfortunate end result.

So what is it that would’ve or could’ve made a difference for me back then? I never really had the resources of knowing where to look or who to call. Feeling as if I was shackled to what I was being told instead of knowing who to talk to or where to look for assistance.

Currently, fortunate enough to have the invaluable knowledge of resources, finding folks like Medical House Calls with Compassion (spearheaded by Dr. Sheryl Pearl) has been a lifesaver, literally, for so many families in the same situation that I was in six years ago. Never would I want any family or family member to go through the experience I had to endure back then. Wishing I had a house call resource back then, in my opinion, would’ve made such a difference. Paying an immense amount of attention to detail, compassionate, caring and professionalism are the immediate qualities that come to mind for this practice.

I am not sure how folks do not flock to services like this. Time is only on our side for so long, so why not take advantage of services that could further assist in care and life expectancy?

About the Author

Chris Mugno is an Account Executive for a National Certified Home Care Agency.


Medical House Calls With Compassion is an organization of healthcare providers focused on providing in-house care for patients that cannot leave their homes. We bring the office to you in the belief that every individual deserves proper care and respect.

We treat patients between the ages of 18 and 114 years. Specializing in chronic conditions, we also focus on preventative care! We care for patients with dementia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung diseases, obesity, infections, and much more.

Learn more about us here.

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