Aging Isn't Just For the Elderly

In this compelling article by Micheal Wolff the impact of an aging generation on their children is carefully and thoughtfully examined (Image courtesy of Micheal Wolff)


End of Life Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a wonderful way to bring comfort and joy to those in the autumn of their years, but wouldn't it wonderful to encourage its use beyond hospice? (Image courtesy of Jeenah Moon NYT)

end of life music.jpg

Pneumonia Vaccines Made Simple

Penumonia is a serious and sometimes life threatening condition, but the good news is there are vaccines available. Find out if you are a good candidate!




Comfort & Safety without having to sacrifice style? It's possible thanks to the wonderful folks over at SAS Shoes! San Antonio Shoemakers is an American shoe manufacturer that was founded in 1976 in San Antonio. The company specializes in handcrafted men's and women's shoes.

Beige Shoes

Diagnosing Alzheimer's

Bill Gates talks about his decision to donate to Alzheimer's research following his father's diagnosis. He refers not only to the amazing response he received from the Alzheimer's community but the challenges still facing them.

Hearing Aids & Dementia

A new study is looking into how hearing impairment and loss can contribute greatly to the development of Dementia! Ask us about ways to help your senior family members with hearing impairment.